Looking to automate your own facilities Wootzano's EVK allows you to test and evaluate the electronic skin for yourself. 

Whether you're a company or a hobbyist, try out our handheld product today!

EVK Evaluation Kit

  • Sensor Array (a) 5.5 mm², 10mm²,12.5 mm² & 15mm² Squares
    Sensor Array (b) 6 mm², 11mm²,13.5 mm² & 16mm² Round
    Sensor Array (c) 4 x 25mm² Squares
    Sensor Array (d) 4 x 25mm² Circles
    Sensing Pressure 8 kPa to 80 kPa ± 0.5 kPa
    Measurement rate 100 KHz
    Oper. Temperature From 0°C to +140°C
    Base Material Silicone Elastomer (Soft)
    Outputs Analogue and Digital
    OverSkin (Optional) GekoZkin™ Elastomeric surface for enhanced grip
    Sensor Arrays “plug and Play” featuring Quick release IDC Sockets


  • Purpose Display of WootZkin reaction to force pressure
    Physical Dimensions 200mm x 130mm x 45mm
    EVK001 Weight 400g
    Connection Type Mini-B USB (USB lead supplied)
    Handling weight From 100g to 1.5kg
    Voltage 5 VDC @ 1 A (through USB lead supplied)
    Oper. Temperature From 5 to +40°C
    Enviromental IP40
    Outputs Analogue and Digital
    Software GUI for Windows and Linux


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