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Our team has been constantly working hard to assist and utilise our skin technology into various robotic systems. Some of the places where our skin has been used are mentioned here. Hopefully, it will give you enough inspiration to use the skin in various other applications. Remember, we are robot agnostic and love all robots!

Fresh Produce Handling

Handling of fresh produce is one of the most complex task a robot has to do. Our electronic skin is not only fully compliant but has one of the most sensitive force/pressure sensing technology together with temperature and humidity sensing.

We drape and fit our skin onto various robotic hands and grippers. The skin then kicks into action by reading force/pressure, temperature and humidity signals instantly (precisely @ 150 MHz) with a dynamic range of 4000 : 1. Our Wootzsense™ AI correction system enables the skin to work in various unknown conditions. This makes the sensor and the complete package one of its kind. The software and the back-end system collects large amounts of data and creates a "learned" database to create a perfect grasp! The robotic manipulator is used to pick different fresh produce.

Powerful GUI which shows read out from the Wootzkin sensors on a heatmap, 2D and 3D plot. One can save the data directly from the GUI into various formats and can be used within ROS, TensorFlow etc.

We also have a powerful and unique Wootzense board which has state-of-the-art electronics allowing auxiliary support through the Wootzkin sensors. We also have our advanced AI correction system which eliminates background noise and makes the sensor read out as seamless as possible.

The Wootzkin electronic skin can be used on various robotic manipulators and end-effectors. It can be used on soft pneumatic-based end-effectors to grippers and dexterous hands. We have expertise in making these and the robotic manipulator is able to pick up very delicate objects without bruising or damaging them.

Offshore wind turbine inspection, maintenance and repair - World's first attempt!

Wootzano is part of the £4.1 million project to allow a fully autonomous inspection, maintenance and repair of off-shore wind turbine blades. This is the first attempt anywhere in the world to carry out such a mission. Wootzkin enables the robot (which is a hexapod in this case) to balance itself on the wind turbine blade. The robot is able to understand the surface properties and be able to manipulate the surface in a very extreme environment.

An illustration of the project and how the mission is carried out. It is definitely one of its kind in the world!

Robots for decommissioning nuclear waste applications

The electronic skin is able to wrap around various surfaces and end-effectors. Some of the many applications we have been using the skin for also includes hexapods having various feet dimensions. You don't believe us? Have a look at the video below to see for it yourself!

Did we say our skin makes robots to dance properly yet!?

We work with various robotic systems and we are certain that we would be able to adapt our skin to give your robot a sense of touch and feel!

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