Robots at Wootzano

We have used our technology in various applications from fruit and veg packaging to maintenance and repair of offshore wind turbine blades.


Handling of fresh produce is one of the most complex task a robot has to do. Using our proprietary electronic skin, machine learning algorithms and hardware, our robotic system are able to handle delicate soft produce with ease. The robots can also trim, pick and pack fresh produce such as tomatoes and grapes with ease.


Our robots are currently picking tomatoes and grapes but we will be adding more fresh produce in the near future.



Wootzkin can be used on

soft pneumatic-based end-effectors, grippers and dexterous hands. We are experienced experts in making these intricate devices. This knowledge equips

 robotic manipulator with the ability to pick up delicate objects without bruising or damage.

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Offshore Wind Turbine Inspection

Wootzano is part of the £4.1 million project to allow a fully autonomous inspection, maintenance and repair of off-shore wind turbine blades. This is the first attempt anywhere in the world to carry out such a mission. Our electronic skin enables the robot (which is a hexapod in this case) to balance itself on the wind turbine blade. The robot is able to understand the surface properties and manipulate the surface in extreme environments and weather conditions.


 Nuclear Power Plants

Wootzano created a spherical hexapod foot, covered with our electronic skin with a Kevlar mesh enabling robots to work in harsh environments with greater manoeuvrability and environmental awareness.




Tele-operated robots

Wootzano's robots are involved in enabling humans working in hazardous or extreme environments without physically being present.


Our robotic designs are influenced by utilising vast data we are collecting by operating in various environments.