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Jesse Opoku has been Promoted to Wootzano's Chief Operating Officer.

Jesse Opoku, a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a master's degree in Nanoelectronics, has been with Wootzano since the beginning of their robotic venture. He was hired as a Process Development Engineer and has worked his way up the ranks, earning the respect and support of his peers by his hard work, leadership, and expertise.

Following the announcement of his new executive position Jesse, reflects on his time at Wootzano and how his time in the company has led him to where he is now:

“Defining the various processes for our electronic skin, scaling up our manufacturing capabilities, welcoming every one of our robotics team, and seeing Avarai in action have all been highlights of my time at Wootzano. It has been a wonderful journey so far at my time at Wootzano where I got the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of the business working on a wide range of projects over the years. This helped me develop a much deeper sense of understanding about the uniqueness of our technology and its numerous applications from helping robots navigate difficult terrain when de commissioning nuclear power plants to adding the essence of human touch to handle fresh produce accurately and delicately"

Atif Syed, CEO and Chairman of Wootzano had this to say:

"I am very pleased to see Jesse being promoted to COO position. Jesse has been responsible for the massive scale up of the electronic skin with 99.99% yield and responsible for the on-time delivering of our state-of-the-art Avarai robotic system. He will make an excellent COO and I wish him all the best for the future."

So what do you see next for yourself and the company?

"In the future, I see incredible opportunities and enormous returns. This is what motivates me to excel in my new role as Chief Operating Officer. This tremendous opportunity brings with it new ways of thinking, ambitious forays into new fields through producing incredible value for our clients, and the setting up of our fantastic new manufacturing facility. Working at Wootzano and learning from this fantastic team has prepared the door for me to pursue this new career path. I'm excited about this new position and envision myself growing in it. My background qualifies me for the position, and my growth at Wootzano has allowed me to understand the company's philosophy and culture to democratise robots for everyone.”

From everyone here on the team, well done Jesse!

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