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Robotics Software Engineer


- Design, develop, test, and deploy software for robotic systems.

- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate software with mechanical and electrical components, troubleshoot, and resolve software-related issues.

- Implement and optimise control algorithms for manipulators.

- Optimize code to enhance performance, efficiency, and responsiveness.

- Conduct hardware integration, working with actuators, sensors, cameras, and other robotic components.

- Provide technical support and assistance to customers, addressing and resolving software-related inquiries or issues for robotic systems.


- Bachelor's/Master's degree in computer science, robotics, or a related field.

- 2+ years of experience in robotics software development.

- Basic knowledge of robotics theory, including transformation, kinematics, dynamics, and/or control.

- Familiarity with computer vision and/or machine learning for robotics applications.

- Proficiency in C++ programming languages.

- Strong knowledge of Robot Operating Systems (ROS) or any other robotic middleware frameworks.

- Experience with designing and implementing software using OOP principles.

- Understanding of collaborative development practices, such as version control systems (e.g., Git) and code review processes.

- Excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills.

- Effective communication skills with the ability to convey technical information.

- Adaptable to evolving technologies and methodologies in robotics.

 - Familiarity with a Linux/BSD-based operating system (e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora)


- Proven experience in designing, implementing, and optimising robotic manipulator systems for task automation in real-world environments.

- Deep understanding of robotics and/or control theory.

- Proficiency in sensor (e.g., encoders, cameras) integration and communication protocols (e.g., RS485, TCP/IP).

- Experience in developing robotic simulations using tools such as Gazebo and Mujoco to validate and optimise robotic systems.

- Proficiency in Python programming languages.

- Understanding of design patterns and their application in software development.

- Proven experience in the full software development life cycle, from design to implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

- Experience in containerisation tools like Docker. 

If interested in this opportunity, please send your CV and cover letter to