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Computer Vision Engineer


Here are just some of the testimonies from our current employees from a range of engineering backgrounds.

Testimonials from Employees


Computer Vision Engineer

Your role will include the following:

​● Collaboration with business development teams and all levels of management to develop products customers will love

● Building and optimising 3D computer vision systems from Stereo/LIDAR data

● Computer vision techniques for image capture, image processing and data processing in Python, C++

● Developing solutions for object detection, semantic segmentation, classification, object tracking, 3D point clouds etc

● Use of machine learning and deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, and OpenCV to advance new product introduction


Mandatory Skills:


● MSc or PhD degree in computer science or a related field

● Practical experience in computer vision, image processing and machine learning

● 3+ years of experience in machine learning/computer vision in a production environment.

  • Experience working with RGB-Depth cameras (eg Intel Realsense)

● Deep understanding of 3D data, CV and related frameworks (Pointcloud(PCL), 3D


● Experience with synthetic data, GANS, Object detection, semantic segmentation, instance


● End-to-End Deployment of A.I model on the edge eg. (OpenVINO, TensorRT)

● Experience with version control and agile development eg (Git, CI/CD)


Desirable Skills


● Experience with MLOps

● Experience with A.I development on cloud computing platforms eg (AWS Sagemaker )

● Optimization techniques of ML models (Quantisation, model pruning etc)

● Experience deploying ML solutions on embedded devices

● Knowledge of Robotic Operating systems (ROS/ROS2)

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Computer Vision

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