About us

We are a robotics company based in Sedgefield, in the North East of England. We make dexterous robots that are able to delicately handle fresh produce using our patented electronic skin, proprietary hardware and machine learning algorithms in fully integrated robotic packaging systems.

Our patented technology enables robots to have a greater sensory awareness of it's environment, analysing data such as pressure, firmness, temperature, humidity and chemical signatures.


Primarily focused within the agricultural industry, Wootzano has created autonomous packaging lines for fruit and vegetable packaging facilities around the world.

Meet the Team

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Dr Atif Syed

Chairman, CEO and Founder

Atif obtained a PhD in Engineering and Electronics/Bionanotechnology from the University of Edinburgh and has a background in Electronics, Nanotechnology, Robotics and AI. Atif is also an Enterprise Fellow at the Royal Academy of Engineering. With the breadth of expertise in microfabrication, material science and robotics,

Atif has built the principles for Wootzano to grow into a leading robotics company.

Core Members

Deborah Fulton 

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 Dr Jesse Opoku 

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 Joel Budu 

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 Adnan Syed 

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 Thierry Garcia 

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Raviteja Burugu 

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