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The World's Most Dexterous Fresh Produce Packing Robot 

A reliable, immediate solution to your labour shortage!

What are the Key benefits?


Rapid ROI

Up to 50% Less Human Labour requirement


30% Cost Savings Per Line


1 Robot Per Hour is equal to the Cost of 1 Human Per Hour

40-50% Productivity Increase


25% Increase in Production Capacity

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Small, Sleek and Adaptable

Avarai is a fully integrated robotic packing system that takes up the same space as a human worker

The collaborative robot means it can safely work alongside humans to supplement your workforce, with no upfront cost.

Day 1 - Installation

Day 2 - Ready to Use


Staff Feedback

Staff are more
engaged in their work, as repetitive tasks are replaced by robots.


Staff Training

Staff can be trained in minutes, not days, to use our system.

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Precision Snipping

Intelligent weight estimation cuts down time spent on packing to the retailers requirements  

Snip vine produce to your required weight with accurate stem detection.


The advanced vision and intelligent machine learning capabilities ensure a clean, precise snip, each and every time.


Robots that feel
like humans do!


The world's first fully compliant electronic skin!


Each dexterous hand is equipped with its patented electronic skin, that allows the robot to calculate the precise force needed to handle soft produce delicately, without bruising or causing damage.

And it's certified as food-safe

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Superior Technology

We provide only the best to our customers

Avarai's machine-learning algorithm and proprietary hardware were combined with Intel's technology to create the best solution on the market.

See how much you could save 

Click below to calculate how much you could save by incorporating Avarai into your packing line.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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Input how many punnets per minute you are currently achieving.

Input how many packers you currently have on the line.

Input how much you spend on salaries per worker.


Get in contact today to start saving

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