Our Robotic System

Our robotic system is able to trim, pick and pack delicate and easily damaged fresh produce such as tomatoes and grapes in a highly dexterous manner.


One robot can work 24/7 and give exceptional return on investment (ROI). Our robot uses complex machine learning algorithms to perform the task and adapting to changing environments at the packaging facilities.

Using state of the art vision systems such as LiDAR and our proprietary machine learning models for automated inspection and weight estimation of fresh produce.

Over-the-air updates are used to keep the robots performing with optimum efficiency. They are also able to predict shelf-life and reduce the time fresh produce spends in a supply chain resulting in fresher produce on the shelves to the consumer and reduction of food waste.

Machine learning algorithms

allow our robots to analyse, store

and process data from the

cloud making the robot learning from itself and other robots around the world in the distributed cloud network.


The robot's skin has a greater sensing capabilities than human skin. Using this technology, our robots can handle delicate fresh produce with ease without damaging or bruising them. It also allows robots to predict shelf-life resulting in fresher produce on the shelf more efficiently. 


The robot have an articulated 6-axis arm together with our proprietary hand covered with the electronic skin. This makes the robot capable of performing tasks like humans tirelessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Our electronic skin is certified food safe. This ensures that all produce that comes into contact with our robots during the packing process is free from harmful chemicals.


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