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Registered Address:

5th Floor, 125 Princes Street

Edinburgh, EH2 4AD, Scotland, United Kingdom

Manufacturing Address:

Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

NETPark, Thomas Wright Way, Sedgefield, TS21 3FG, England, United Kingdom


+44 (0) 1740625148


Wootzano Ltd is a limited company registered in Scotland with company number: SC597126.

VAT Registration Number: GB299660147.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all material is copyright © 2018-2019 Wootzano Ltd.

What is Wootzkin?


Highly Sensitive Force/Pressure Sensor with Temperature and Humidity Sensing fabricated directly onto the skin


Completely Compliant (meaning fully flexible)


Machine Learning Algorithms to make your robot more intelligent


Piezoelectric and Piezoresitive sensing capabilities

Wootzkin Features

Critical Dimension

Ranges from 10 to 500 microns.

Sensing Range

Force: 0.00001 - 500 N

Temperature: -200 to +200 deg C

Humidity: 0 to 100% RH ±2% 

Substrate Material

PDMS and other composites

Sensel Dimensions

50 - 500 microns

1 mm - 3 cm

Machine Learning

Reinforcement and various other types


Piezoresistive and piezoelectric

Sensing Area

50 microns to 12 inches

Youngs Modulus

1.07 - 1.78 MPa

Operating Temperature

0 - 180 deg C


State-of-the-art software with subscriptions to suit your needs


Robotic end effectors to grasp delicate objects

Wootzkin can be integrated within various industrial robots. Our electronic skin allows robots to accurately grasp delicate objects. To know more, please book a free consultation with one of our engineers today.

Wearable Electronics

It is important to note that the manufacturing process we employ to make our sensors is standard microfabrication processing. This means that we are able to use photolithography to fabricate high yield devices.

Human Robot Interaction

With the addition of temperature and humidity sensing, Wootzkin has redefined its position within the electronic skin industry. Our electronic skin enables real-human skin features for robots who interact with humans.

Robotics in Extreme Environments

Our solutions are also applicable in wide range of robotics and artificial intelligence  (RAI) applications. Our technology has cross-sector applicability. Please book a free consultation to understand your needs and how we can assist.

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