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What We Do

Fresh fruit and vegetables are highly perishable and require sorting, packing and labelling to ensure consumers are able to buy blemish-free, nutritious and safe produce. 

To do this the pack house industry is heavily reliant on human labour to carry out the required dextrous and repetitive tasks in pack houses.  This labour is becoming harder to source and as such has become a direct threat to our food security. 


Our solution is to combine cobots with people to optimise fresh produce product lines. This requires advanced and innovative robotics that can handle without marking, and inspect irregularly shaped fresh produce at speed.

Certified Food Safe Electronic Skin


Cobot That can Work Alongside Humans Safely

Pick and Pack at Speed

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Industry Expertise for the Fresh Produce Supply Chain 


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(Return on Investment)

Our solution has been developed with leading pack houses and specifically for the fresh produce industry over the last 4 years. We, therefore, understand the system requirements of this segment of the supply chain and have a rapid ROI with our cobot.  As the system learns and technology advances there is a considerable upside to installation; the system will continually improve.



The skin is fully reliable, repeatable, fully compliant ( stretchable) and certified food safe, allowing each of our robots to feel with the same sensitivity as a human. The skin is snuggly fitted to each robotic device to allow optimal product care.

The billions of nanowires within our patented electronic skin, Wootzkin, provide an unprecedented level of force/pressure sensation 3D direction of force and extreme sensitivity.



We have targeted and created cobot systems for pack house operations that demand the greatest labour inputs (inspection, trimming, packing); bunched fruit (grapes) and vine types (tomatoes).