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Wootzano - AI-powered robotic fruit packer #SIFStories - YouTube

with the labour crisis in UK agriculture growing rapidly, there is increasing interest in the potential role that robotics could play across the food industry. However, with challenges in developing systems with a ‘human’ sense of touch and feel,

Atif Syed

Dr Atif Syed - 2022 Princess Royal Silver Medal Winner | youtube

Dr Atif Syed, CEO and founder of Wootzano, has been awarded a Princess Royal Silver Medal by the Royal Academy of Engineering Find out more:

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Princess Royal Silver Medal Winner!  | Royal Academy of Engineer

The Princess Royal Silver Medal celebrates an outstanding personal contribution made to UK engineering by an early to mid-career engineer.

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Finalist for the FPC Agritech & Innovation Excellence Award  | FPC Awards

The finalists for this year's prestigious FPC Fresh Awards have now been revealed. Check below to see the list of businesses.

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AI on the Move 01.31.2022 | Eric Kavanagh-Inside Analysis

Artificial Intelligence is hardly new. The term was coined in 1956, though an AI winter or two would follow. That won't happen again, as AI is now officially...


​​Almost everything about these robots is unique, including... | Horti daily

As many countries around the world face serious labour shortages, more and more fresh produce companies are looking at ways to reduce their demand for labour, be it during harvesting or in the…


Winners of Made in the North East Awards Revealed  | Invest North Tyneside

The winners of the Insider Made in North East Awards have been revealed, celebrating the best and most innovative manufacturers in the region


Robots set to take over wind farm maintenance - BIM+

Combined human and robot teams could be carrying out wind farm maintenance within 10 years and, by 2050, the maintenance could be carried out entirely by robots following successful Innovate UK-funded trials.


The human touch - Robots for completing tasks that require human senses   | RoboticsTomorrow

Can a robot have feelings? Some robots are programmed to show emotion, from online artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot assistants to Sophia the social humanoid robot ...

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Electronic skin gives robots the human touch  | The Engineer

An electronic skin designed to give robots the same sense of touch as that of humans has been developed in the UK

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The biggest deal by a British robotics company signed in the North East of England | UKSPA

 Wootzano Ltd, a robotics company of fewer than 3 years, closed the biggest contract for any robotics company in the UK known to date.

Electronic Skin.jpg

Electronic skin industry progresses as innovative products & materials make their way ...  | Tech 21 Century

Innovation has become a focal point in the electronic skin industry as researchers and scientists have been developing innovative products and materials. With the development of electronic skin for the tasks requiring greater dexterity to charging devices ...

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Eureka moment?  Law firms report rush to patent ideas amid UK lockdown | UK news | The Guardian

Intellectual property lawyers report increased demand for services during Covid-19 crisis...


UK Innovation Strategy: leading the future by creating it |

The UK, along with the rest of the world, has faced exceptional challenges over the past 18 months. Our society, our economy, and our livelihoods have all been affected. In recovering from the pandemic, we must...

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AI Robots Use Vision and Touch to Pack Produce  |

What If assembly line robots had the sense of touch? Thanks to innovative tech, they do—making digitized pick-and-pack the next big thing in fruit and vegetable processing.

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Robot skin and “x-ray vision” software for surgeons among British innovations showcased to investors – FE News

– Robot skin and “x-ray vision” software for surgeons among British innovations showcased to investors


MIMRee Fully-Autonomous Inspection and Repair Mission | ORE Catapult

The £4.2m Multi-Platform Inspection, Maintenance and Repair in Extreme Environments (MIMRee) project is an ambitious cross-sector programme combining experti...