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Pioneering the Future of Automated Packing

The Robotics & Automation Awards, presented by Akabo Media Ltd, honoured its inaugural winners on October 31, 2023, where Wootzano was named the winner of the "Innovation in Packaging Automation" category.

Wootzano was recognised for its pioneering application of skin-based haptics in automating the handling of delicate products, notably grapes and vine tomatoes. Their commitment to overcoming problems in automating high-value, fragile items has resulted in increased demand for their products both domestically and globally and won them the title of this year's winner.

The award recognises Wootzano's dedication to providing flexible and efficient solutions that fit smoothly into existing production lines while addressing workforce constraints. Their distinct strategy, which incorporates collaborative robots for increased flexibility, sets them apart in the sector of packaging automation.

Wootzano's recognition shows its effect on industry difficulties and ability to satisfy worldwide market expectations, competing against major firms in the category such as Angus Soft Fruits & Proseal UK, CMC Packaging Automation UK, FlavourFresh Salads & Xihelm, and Jones Food Company & IPL.

Ravi Burugu, Wootzano's Lead Robotics Engineer, attended the ceremony and expressed optimism for the future. He emphasised Wootzano's expertise in managing complicated fruits and their achievement in generating significant demand globally.

Honorable Mention- Young Innovator of the Year
Young Innovator of the Year Finalist

Wootzano was also a finalist across 2 other categories, including Best Use of Cobotics and Best Use of Robotics/Automation in Food & Beverage, but were particularly proud to have their placement student, Nathan Donaldson shortlisted for the Young Innovator of the Year award.

Despite not winning, he was highly commended by the judges for his valuable contributions to the field of robotics, marking the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable career.

Congratulations! A full list of this year's winners can be found here: Well done to all the amazing companies that made is this far and we look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Winners of the Packaging Automation Award
Winners of the Packaging Automation Award

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