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Innovative Agriculture Robotic Showcase Explores Solutions to Post-Harvest Labour Challenges

Wootzano Ltd. , is thrilled to announce an upcoming showcase of their award-winning robotic system, Avarai.

The event, named NOVA, will delve into a critical issue facing the agriculture sector: labour

shortages. As demands on the industry grow, the need for efficient solutions becomes

paramount. This showcase will illuminate the cutting-edge technology and strategies

employed to directly confront these challenges.

Dr Atif Syed, the visionary CEO and Founder, will provide insight into Wootzano's journey of electronic skin manufacturing, tracing its successful application in previous robotic ventures. The culmination of this journey is the creation of Avarai, Wootzano's proprietary

post-harvest system.

Avarai's capabilities will come to life through live demonstrations, offering attendees an

immersive understanding of its advanced technology, with the opportunity for their questions to be answered in a panel discussion at the end of the night.

The evening will be hosted by the local comedian and presenter, Alfie Joey, alongside an

exciting line-up of distinguished guest speakers that will tackle the issue from various

perspectives: from policies and trade to technology and agriculture.

Agricultural leader, Nigel Jenney, the CEO of the Fresh Produce Consortium, will inform us on how to "Navigate the Furrows: Current UK Horticultural Industry Challenges and the Dawn of Technological Solutions". A fascinating look at the current state of the sector and the futuristic changes that are already underway.

Alongside Paul Wealls of Intel Geti who will present "The Magnificent Symphony: The

Harmonious Convergence of Team Collaboration and AI Computer Vision Mastery"an an

interesting examination of the intricacies of computer vision. A technology that is rapidly

growing in popularity across the industry and enabling robots to visually understand their


With additional guest speakers including:

● Sherry Neil and Tiffany Louk, Fresno County Economic Development Corporation Representatives

● Josh Lee, Vice President of Packline Technology Inc

● Eleanor Boyer Sector Director, Technology Northern American

The event hopes to highlight the need for integrating technology in agriculture and to remove misconceptions of robots. Nova will bring about the opportunity to facilitate conversations and collaborations while promoting a more sustainable food supply chain for a growing nation.

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