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Keep Calm and Carry on Packing

Whether you are for or against immigration, it can't be denied that labour shortages in the agricultural sector are currently the result of a lack of immigrant workers.

The Pick for Britain scheme in 2020 saw a lack of UK-born workers making up for these labour shortages, accounting for less than 11% of job roles.

Action needs to be taken to solve the labour issues that currently exist in the agricultural sector and decrease the number of empty shelves we see in our supermarkets.

Wootzano is doing just that with our robotic system, Avarai. Entering the post-harvest sector of the food chain, our commercially available system is the first on the market. Between leaving the field and entering stores, fresh produce is weighed and packed into punnets at packhouses. The task of packing is often mundane and tiresome, making it an undesirable role. The level of dexterity needed to do this work has, until now, not been possible in robots.

The highly dexterous gripper of the Avarai system, equipped with human-like e-skin, is capable of packing soft produce, such as vine tomatoes, with ease.

As robots continue to evolve and demonstrate their capabilities, the shift of humans towards less laborious roles becomes an increasingly viable option. By embracing this shift, society can reap the benefits of enhanced efficiency, improved safety, and more engaging work for humans.

The integration of robots into laborious roles, when accompanied by appropriate policies and support systems, has the potential to revolutionize industries, boost economic growth, and ultimately lead to a more prosperous and fulfilling future.

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